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Buffet dinner – a delicious alternative to a banquet

Buffet dinner…What is it? Cheerful conversations and relaxed atmosphere, light refreshments and fine wine bouquet… And a thousand details that you do not notice straightaway, but those are the little things that make your event truly memorable. Choose a buffet dinner for your event, and you will be pleasantly surprised by its benefits.

Pros & Cons of a Buffet Reception

The first ones in history to appreciate buffet dinner were the French. Many Russian words originate from French words, and this one is not an exception: Russian word “фуршет” (which means “Buffet dinner” and sounds like “furshet” in English) comes from the French word “une fourchette” which means “a fork.” In the XIXth century politicians used to have a five o’clock break to eat fresh snacks from a shared table with their forks. Back at that time people realized that this atmosphere sets up a mood for a pleasant discussion of both business and private matters. We understand it as well, that is why in our restaurant we hold buffet dinners that suit any taste.

Large number of guests
If you wish to invite up to 50 guests, we advise you to choose one of our small halls. We have a place for 100 guests as well, not to mention that the sitting capacity of Rose and Picturesque halls is 800 people. Summer Palace is ready to welcome any number of guests for your event!

Certainly, having a buffet dinner inside is a good idea, but it is not the only option we offer. If you choose to, you can have an outside event with steaming barbeque and ice-cold lemonades. Sounds of nature can replace any music, while lively breeze will refresh you if the weather is hot.

Business meeting
Buffet is one of the most enjoyable parts of a business meeting. Casual atmosphere makes it a little easier to discuss serious matters, make profit making decisions and cancel unwished arrangements. By all means, buffet is not suitable for every event. If you plan to invite a lot of senior citizens, you might want to choose a traditional banquet because your guests could get tired to stand for 2-3 hours straight. Whereas younger guests usually appreciate a possibility to move around and communicate with different groups of people. However, it is always up to you to decide.

Buffet treats

Buffet can be a light snack; however, we can always make it a full-scale lunch or dinner, which will contain cold refreshments, hot entrées and desserts at your pleasure.
It is impossible to resist – attractive design and delicious smells are too inviting. The choice of drinks is diverse as well – hot and cold, alcoholic and soft drinks are all on the menu. Would you like to see a gigantic bowl with bubbling punch? Then we will deliver it in no time!
Certainly, the menu depends on the purpose of your buffet. If you are planning a business lunch, we will deliver mineral water, tea, coffee, light meals that will or will not contain meat, and desserts. Everything will be decorated to match the style of your event, without too much smug and excessive details.
To the contrary, if your buffet is an initial or a final part of your wedding, champagne will flow like water. Flowers, ribbons and other decorations will create a festive atmosphere, while live music will entertain your guests until your arrival.
When you want to organize a buffet, you should be ready to experience a diversity of tastes. You would surely want to try all of the refreshments and beverages. Our chefs will prepare beautiful and delicious dishes, while our decorators will take into account all of your requests and waiters will serve you on the highest level.

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