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Christmas corporate parties

Best date for new year corporate parties booked right now.

a New year and with it the season of corporate Christmas is not far off. Celebrate them with an Imperial scale in "Summer Palace"!

Exquisite classical interiors "Summer Palace" accentuate the exclusivity of Your celebrations, and modern technical features of the complex will allow to plunge into the atmosphere of a real holiday. In the circle you, Paris in miniature, Disneyland fireworks, the Port Авентурас3D Effects!

there is No limit to imagination, embodied in the life of the chief Director of the complex Vitaly Kravchenko.

And of course the Summer Palace is famous for its cuisine under the guidance of Chef Cyril Muzychenko. Offer true culinary delights corresponding to the gastronomic needs of the most discerning palates.

"the Summer Palace" offers its guests two rooms with a total area of 840 sq. m., allowing you to combine them into a single space for the tasks of large-scale celebration for up to 500 people in Banquet style Seating, or by special theatrical curtain to receive two separate space to conduct smaller-scale events.


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the Summer Palace we attach to life exquisite taste!

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