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Your VIP wedding

Every girl starts to “prepare” for her wedding since early childhood. She imagines her white dress at the age of five; she pictures a place for a marriage registration ceremony when she is ten; chooses music at fifteen and drafts a detailed banquet menu after she turns eighteen. However, when there is less than a year left before the actual wedding, it appears impossible to organize such an event according to the childhood scenario… Wedding vows that they use in marriage registry office are not the ones you would like to hear, there is not enough space to fit all of your relatives and friends in the restaurant you have chosen and your favorite band does not tour in Russia…

But here in Summer Palace we know how to make your childhood dreams come true even better than some wizards! If you want your wedding to be ideal and your guests to be pleasantly surprised throughout the event, that is the time to write a new scenario…

Step-by-step guide to your celebration

Of course a wedding begins with appearance of the newlyweds. How would you like to start your family story? Would you like to land on an air balloon or arrive by a luxurious limousine? Or maybe walk a red carpet towards a snow-white arch on the porch of Summer Palace like Hollywood stars do? While your guests can hide from the summer heat in our Summer Pavilion and try mini-masterpieces from a Buffet table or see an incredible show with magicians and clowns.

The second step that you should take seriously is a minute of registration – the most touching and gentle minute. Have you already thought of wedding vows? Are you ready for your voice to tremble and for your legs to get rubbery? Than join hands with each other and exchange rings near gigantic letters that spell LOVE.
Embraces, tears of joy, kisses… And now you are at the banquet! Halls of Summer Palace can fit up to 800 guests, so you do not have to choose who not to invite. On each table there are delicious dishes that were made by professional chefs, fine vines and extraordinary table layout. All of the details match the color that you have chosen for your celebration. The fragrance of flowers spreads around, immersing you into summer atmosphere.

Then fog starts to flow across the floor, and ballerinas magically appear out of it. They ask newlyweds to dance to a most romantic tune of the year. Though, it is up to you to decide if any other music should sound at this happy moment. It is quite possible that your favorite band has agreed to come to Russia. Everything is done especially for you to be merry and enamoured with life!

What else is possible in Summer Palace?

Are you stumped by a number of new possibilities that we offer? This is just the beginning! Gymnasts and good-natured mimes can descend from the ceiling to the stage, while waiters in dress coats and snow-white gloves serve refreshments to your guests. Live music that makes it impossible to sit still is a good reason to have a best dance contest. We will help you to plan every minute of your celebration, so that guests will not get bored.

And at the end, after eating a delicious and beautiful cake, you can fly away to your honey moon on a helicopter. Just do not forget to throw a bridal bouquet to your friends for one of them… Wait, why only one? For each of them to be able to make their dream come true and come back to Summer Palace as a happy bride one day.

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