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Antonio Rinaldi
Summer Palace was built in 2009 according to the designs of Antonio Rinaldi. This project was developed during the latter half of XVIII century for building a manege in Gatchina; however, it was not executed at that time. Architect of the project is Ivan Knyazev – amemberoftheUnionofArchitectsofRussia, one of few graduates of Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture (London) which work in Russia.

Relatively modest exterior of Summer Palaces tandsin contrast with its luxurious interior that has fine stylized design made with traditional technologies and materials: plaster molding, bronze casting, Venetian plaster and marble. It took almost two years to manufacture baroquechandeliers and sculptures of Mars, Venus and Fortuna, which are the highlights of the palace interior.

Grand entrance ofthe Rose hall is decorated with moldedgroup of puttiinspired byPiat-Joseph Sauvage (from the collection of Victoria and Albert museum, London). Palace ceiling is styled afterAntonio Rinaldi (interiors of the Chinese Palace, the Gatchina Palace and the Marble Palace in Saint Petersburg) and decorated with skill fulreplica of the plafond “Venus’ Triumph” byTorelli. Original vases from the “Sliding hill” baroque pavilion in Oranienbaum and wall bracket lamps from Orlov Hall of the Gatchina Palacedecorate the interior of our palace.

Great contribution to decoration of Summer Palace was made by famous sculptors Pavel Ignatyev and Denis Prasolov. They have created sculpture composition of palace portal, while caryatids made by Vladislav Manachinsky frame lobby entrances.