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Weddings in the Summer Palace

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Summer Palace is the best place to take the first step towards life as a married couple. Our restaurant is romantic and festive, exquisite and modern all in one. We are ready to bring your dream of an ideal wedding to life.

Your restaurant is very nice and pleasant. I wish you success and prosperity. After celebrating my wedding at the Summer Palace I have decided to celebrate my 20th anniversary here as well!

  1. Halls and pavilion
  2. Off site marriage registration
  3. Hall and the surrounding territory
  4. Arrival and departure of the newlyweds
  5. Remarkable cuisine
  6. Banquet options
  7. Services
  8. Show programs

Halls and Pavilion

Weddings are always different – you might prefer a big celebration for 500 guests or a cozy gathering only for the closest people. In our restaurant we have both options: big halls with room capacity up to 600 people, as well as small halls and the Summer Pavilion for small events. We will make sure that you are happy and comfortable with your choice whether you prefer to have a large feast or a small private fête only for the loved ones.

Rose an Picturesque
Room capacity
500 Banquet
800 Buffet dinner
800 Conference
Floor space: 840 м2
Summer Pavilion
Room capacity
60 Banquet
80 Buffet dinner
80 Conference
Floor space: 200 м2
“Alexandria” Hall
Room capacity
40 Banquet
50 Buffet dinner
50 Conference
Floor space: 60 м2
“Grand Palace” Hall
Room capacity
25 Banquet
25 Buffet dinner
25 Conference
Floor space: 39 м2
“Chinese Palace” Hall
Room capacity
10 Banquet
15 Buffet dinner
15 Conference
Floor space: 22 м2
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If it is hard for you to make a decision, you can always address our managers, and they will willingly help you find an ideal option for your event. We know how to solve any problem and implement the most trailblazing projects!
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Off site marriage registration

We are happy to make all of the arrangements for a beautiful off site marriage registration.

Your guests can observe your wedding ceremony comfortably sitting on beautifully decorated chairs in the open air or in the Picturesque hall, while you will exchange oaths of eternal love and fidelity under a delicately shaped arch, twined with natural flowers and satin ribbons.


Hall and the surrounding territory

Halls Surrounding territory
Rose and Picturesque Halls Small Halls Summer Pavilion

Rose and Picturesque Halls

Summer Palace offers two elegant halls to its guests – the Rose Hall and the Picturesque Hall, with a total floor space of 840 m². These halls could be connected for a one grand occasion (banquet for up to 500 people) or separated with a special theatrical curtain for a smaller event.

Floor space: 840 м2
Room capacity: up to 800 people

Small Halls

Three Small Halls of Summer Palace are decorated to match the palace style of the main halls. They are built to hold events for small number of guests: business lunches and negotiations, birthdays, weddings and conferences that are arranged within (or separate from) bigger events in the main halls of the restaurant.

Floor space: 66 м2
Room capacity: up to 40 people

Summer Pavilion

The highlight of the summertime is our Summer Pavilion, which is located within the restaurant’s territory, among green lawns and gorgeous flowerbeds. The Pavilion is an ideal option for a summer open-air celebration, whether it is a romantic wedding or a flamboyant birthday party. This Pavilion can be used as a separate venue during bigger events held in main halls of our restaurant.

Floor space: 200 м2
Room capacity: up to 80 people

Arrival and departure of the newlyweds

You are principal characters of your own wedding that is why your arrival and departure should be outstanding and memorable.

By car

You are a princess, but a modern one; therefore you prefer to keep the “horses” under the hood. Snow-white Rolls-Royce or a Bently in the palette of your wedding will solemnly bring you straight to the crowd of your delighted guests.

By carriage

The best way to have a dreamlike wedding is to use “magic” transportation – a carriage and a pair of lily-white horses.

By helicopter

The most up-to-date way of arriving to your own celebration is a helicopter. Surprise your guests by flying over their heads on a helicopter and landing it on a helipad of Summer Palace. Your arrival will make a truly unforgettable impression!


Remarkable cuisine

The only boundary to our cuisine is your imagination. Our chefs are masters of their craft. Famous Saint Petersburg chef Kirill Muzychenko creates true masterpieces according to requests of most sophisticated clients. Our specialty is Russian cuisine with a slight European accent; however, we can create anything you wish, making our special menu in any national format: Italian, French, Caucasian, Ukrainian or any other.

Banquet menu

Well-balanced, ideal for those who prefer classic cuisine solutions.

Menu options

Show dishes

Particular highlight of our restaurant are chef show dishes: roasted suckling pig, imperial starlet, poultry… all of them are singular works of art, and presentation of those dishes is a special program in itself.

Show dish gallery

Serving dishes

Effortlessly elegant presentation defines the standard of service at Summer Palace. Our fine dishware and artful arrangements contribute to the air of sophistication, adding some final touches to your already unforgettable celebration.

Elegant presentation


Evgeniya Mikhailova, our pastry chef, is capable of incredible culinary feats – making cakes of any difficulty, as well as any other flavorful baked delicacies. For those who wish to design their own dessert, we offer unlimited freedom of choice; guests can select from cakes of all shapes and sizes, enlivened with any choice of decoration: flowers, castles, and endless alternatives.

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Banquet options

Picturesque HallSummer Pavilion“Alexandria” Hall“Grand Palace” Hall“Chinese Palace” Hall


Flower arranging Decor Program Transfer Invitations Fireworks

Luxurious interiors of the Palace become truly magical if our florists and decorators contribute to the transformation. We are sure that you will be impressed by their meticulous and creative work!

Flowing garlands of natural flowers fill the air with delicate, subtle aroma of tenderness and romance…Refined ice sculptures are glowing from within… luxury bouquets of fresh fruit and graceful swans of marzipan, whose feathers can not only be plucked, but savored... A fairy tale, spun into reality and delicately woven into your dream of a perfect wedding.

The principal director of Summer Palace will create an enchanting wedding spectacle, a romantic show or a combination of the two to suit your tastes. Experience the inimitable atmosphere of the celebration that will remain memorable for a long time.

The secret to perfection is in little things – and we know them inside and out. We will take care of your guests even before they arrive to your event by providing comfortable transfer. Would you prefer a flash limousine, a big bus or a minibus? A carriage or a helicopter, that will land straight on our helipad? Whichever you choose, your guests will arrive on time, comfortably and safely.

Wedding invitations set a mood for the whole celebration. To carefully coordinate their design with the wedding style and atmosphere, we make the invitations after choosing wedding scenery and style.

Firework is an incredible and unforgettable sight, which is a jewel and an integral part of any celebration. Summer Palace organizes fireworks of any complexity for your event to be striking and memorable.


Show programs

Various show programs

The principal director of Summer Palace will create an enchanting wedding spectacle, a romantic show or a combination of the two to suit your tastes. Experience the inimitable atmosphere of the celebration that will remain memorable for a long time.


Extraordinary capabilities of Summer Palace

Our capabilities for show programs are nearly boundless. Would you like to see a car in the banquet hall? Or a highbred horse? Your wish is our command!